Saturday, June 11, 2011

Contrasting Mission

I went to Napa county and found another mission. Since it was a different mission site, I found it interesting to contrast Mission San Jose with this Mission Solano. What I found most interesting was that this mission (in Napa) was the only mission established under Mexican rule. Here are a few pictures of the artifacts that were in the museum. It would have been interesting if we were to find some of the same artifacts that were displayed here in the museum

We have yet to find anything that resembled any of these artifacts, but who knows, maybe another dig will help us later discover in deeper levels the same kind of artifacts!


  1. Tung,
    From your pictures it looks like we many have found pieces or fragments similar to those in the museum cases. They look like tiles and bricks right?

  2. Also, I'm glad that you were able to go check out another mission and it's museum for comparison. I would like to go to the exhibit at the Oakland museum that Andy told us about, hopefully it's still showing, and other close by missions like San Juan Baptista to check out their collections.


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