Friday, June 10, 2011

DSCQHR Fire Insurance Maps - 1916 - 1916/32 Modified

So this will be my last post during the quarter. I am wondering if anyone desires to keep the research element active and might want to post further on the subject. I will certainly miss spending Saturdays in pursuit of archaeological knowledge and know-how.

The 1916 Sanborn Map - sheet 1 of 3, for Mission San Jose.

The 1931 Sanborn Map, sheet 1 of 3,(a modified version of 1916) for Mission San Jose

Here are two series of Sanborn maps for DSCQHR for the years 1916 and 1931. For 1931, the 1916 base map was used and the data was modified.

There were some interesting changes in the building footprints as may be seen in the plan views.

These maps also contain insets for the two wineries that operated to the northeast and southeast of our site.

I will refrain from analyzing the maps in greater detail as these data play a prominent role in my version of the excavation report; however, please feel free to utilize the JPEGs for academic purposes and I look forward to reading any ideas any of you have related to the DSCQHR site.

It is my custom to modify these images by using a drafting or photoshop program to generate a unique image and therefore avoid any trouble with copyrights. Again, I have posted these images here in the interest of academic research.

It was an absolute pleasure working with all of you this quarter. Fair Winds and Following Seas - David Pelfrey


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  2. Thanks for this post, your post have always been helpful with informative information!

  3. These maps are very helpful, as all your posts over the quarter have been. Thank you for finding and sharing so much of the history of the site. I never would have known about it otherwise.


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