Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trench Day 7

During what turned out to be our very last day of digging (due to rain in later weeks) we were able to complete level 3. Dani and Melissa got to the site early to try to adjust the measurements and then when I got there we leveled everything and realized that are measurements were entirely off. No wonder no one ever lets me measure :) turns out that our level 2 (10-20cm) was really at 50cm from the datum point. Since we were consistent during level 1 and 2 we decided to use the same method with level 3 and note it in the notebooks. Consistency is key after all.

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  1. I worked on Unit 1 and leveling the depth evenly is "no bueno" on time to cover deeper layers. It's hard work. I was hopping around eager to get to the next layer too, but the leveling is stopping my Rage Dig.


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