Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lab Days

The past to weeks we have been working in the lab due to weather. This is really my first lab experience and whoa! there is a lot that goes into cleaning, labeling and identifying everything collected. Below are some photos from the past few weeks.

A bead:

Obsidian:And more bone:Really cool reconstruction of a broken glass bottle that one of my fellow students did:


  1. Hello Amber - thank you for your comments related to the historical research. Archaeology brings so much life to archival manuscripts that I can never understand how historians manage without numerous contacts in the archaeology discipline when the time period is beyond a generation or two from the present.

    By the way, the last photo of the carnival glass, what layer, depth, and unit provenance does this wonderful object belong to?

    Kind Regards - David P.

  2. That glass was from Unit 2 if I recall
    I can't seem to remember which layer right now, but that's nearly all the pieces found in that layer. The rest of the pieces in the bag had the same color but they were smashed to a point where it doesn't have any uniqueness.

  3. Hello Hiroto: thank you for the additional information. Cheers! David P.


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