Friday, June 10, 2011

Will miss all of you but not that terrible soil!

Hello all,
As I am sitting here writing my site report and reflecting on our quarter filled gophers, turkeys, dirt, trowels, nuns, and more dirt I am sad we weren't able to finish our excavations! It seems we got quite a lot more than we bargained for artifact-wise so that is great but I think all of us would have like to have the satisfaction to get a little deeper! The last day in the lab was really helpful through and gave me a great overview of what we had actually found. There were so many items I had no idea about and are so interesting! I'm wondering if anyone was able to find a circa for that large piece of earthenware in CU 3, found at level 3, this piece was really interesting to me but alas after much research I have given up hope! I wish that we had more stratigraphy to work with in order to have some semblance of order, but unfortunately this site has a mind of its own! I had a great time working with all of you! Have a nice summer!

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