Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5/21/11 Last Trench Day... and we didn't even know it

Dani and I went out early and re-staked the unit. We actually almost got it COMPLETELY LEVEL woot woot! That was pretty exciting. Our Trench however... is not even on both ends... one end (east end) is 1 meter..and the other end (west) is 70 cm. Ugh, what's done is done. Dani made notes of it so we could just move on with our lives. Since it rained earlier we had some water in our trench, it was not so intense that we had to bale. The fact that it rained was actually pretty nice since that meant the soil was nice and soft. So in the early morning it was a lot easier to dig through. David (such a champ) finished breaking through the horrible asphalt path that was in our unit.

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