Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Day in the Trench

On May 14, 2011, I was assigned to work with the Trench Unit. My crew was, Amber, Danny, Melissa, Mark, David P., Elizabeth and Christy (?). We completed T1-0-10 cm, and started T2- 10-20 cm.  On this day, I helped dig, and screen. My favorite park of the day was the Wet Screening. After previous days of dry screening I was really excited as I knew it would make the whole screening process more efficient. I would say the only down side was the mud. I was sinking in mud during the screening and had to change shoes at lunch, not mentioned mud caked clothing. Nevertheless, we uncovered some very interesting artifacts right from the start. In one of our first couple buckets of dirt Elizabeth and I screened out a glass bead and a couple of “myolicka” pieces. I really got into the sorting of artifacts as it seems we were finding more than I had while dry screening on previous days. One other thing I noted from the day’s work was the large amount of bone fragments that we recovered. It would be interesting to find out if any of them were human. Also, another exciting discovery was a large cement brick and gravel remnants, possibly from a previous road way. I’m not sure if anyone confirmed this or not. Anyhow it was a very cool day out in the field, check it out!
Brick, Tile, Cement, Gravel

Metal Collection

Glass Bead and Myolicka Sherds

Bone and Cermanics

Bag O Bones

Breaking out the Brushes
David Measuring the Trench
Cement Block approx 7 1/2cm by 7 cm with 2cm mortice


  1. I hope I got the spelling of "myolicka" right. Thanks to the presentation by Reuben Mendoza we were familar with the typical mission ware of terracota colored, glazed ceramics, and were able to identify them, with a little help from Brenna

  2. I believe I was working on the Trench this day as well. I mostly dug in the trench though, and did a little dry screening. I never tried the wet screening. I like the pictures you posted and seeing all the things you found.

  3. Sorry Janna! I thought you're name was bad..I should have not waited to the end to learn everyones name..but yes that was you in the pic with Elizabeth, so that's proof u were there!


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