Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Retrospect

I have to say the very first day I didn't think we would be as successful as we have been. Given all the constraints that we were under... ie: super dated technology....a site at the last minute..pretty much everything last minute. But it all came together. We were all pleasantly surprised by the HEAPS of artifacts that we later scrubby dubbied cleaned and tagged. I was impressed with my unit...while checking the in site level report we had one bag that apparently had like 91 pieces of bone..I think we have gotten good at figuring out what is bone and what is not. (which is a totally useful skill for the future! =)) Although we did not get as far in the monstrous trench as Dani, Amber and I would have liked I think we did a great job and I had such an awesome team. David with his serious researching, Sandra and Janna who both worked incredibly hard and always made themselves available to do something, and Dani +Amber=CO-CHIEF extraordinaires. I think many who think of Archeology think that all archaeologists do is dig in the dirt all day long...while this is partially true..if you think about it, communication skills are key in these environments. Digging for hours at a time, you better make sure you are all friends or at least can get along, otherwise=no bueno. Luckily I think we all got along fairly well. I have no complaints on my part. I think in regards to this experience once things got going, it was good. Although I have field school experience I did not have any kind of dating experience dating as in artifacts..not as in people.. (I kid..that was lame I know) so it was nice to learn something new, along with learning new things, I am glad I learned to locate the datum point and how to map a site the "old-fashioned" way and the new way with GIS =).

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  1. I didn't think we would really find anything either but after weighing over a hundred bags of artifacts in the lab I realized that we were actually pretty successful. I enjoyed working the trench and thought that we were well organized and worked well together. I was glad to be working with people such as you and Dani who have had previous experiance. David's history expertise definately came in handy because I would have had no idea as to what we were finding.


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