Sunday, June 12, 2011


On May 7th and 14th I worked on Trench 1 with many different people. On the 7th I mostly just dug. We were supposed to be digging from 10-20 cm deep but we had to level out the trench to make the entire thing 10cm deep first. We then dug to 20cm and on the 14th down to 30cm deep. On both days we were able to find a few things on the eastern most end. Overall there were three terracotta pieces almost in line, a cement block, a concrete fragment, pieces of asphalt, and a spike. There was also a large amount of some kind of rock or stone that would break when hit with a shovel. The only problem was that it had to be hit really hard, which made digging out the eastern most end really difficult and frustrating. It is possible that the rock was a foundation of some kind but I do not know. There were other finds as well such as a lot of glass of different colors, nails, ceramic pieces, and bones. There were two animal vertebrae that were fairly large compared to the other small bits of bones we had been finding. On the 14th David's daughter came and helped dig. She mostly shoveled loose dirt into a bucket which was actually quite helpful. It was nice to see her having fun digging and being in such an environment. It must have seemed like a really long sandbox filled with dirt. I liked the trench better than the regular unit because there was more space to work in and more things to do.

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