Monday, June 13, 2011

DSCQHR: Epilogue or Epitaph?

as i sit here getting ready to hand in my field note book and finishing up my site report a little waxing on Saturday's events feels appropriate. though i really enjoyed the whole season and truly just now feel ready to begin to excavate with any understanding of how to do it effectively and efficiently, i gotta say that Saturday 11 June 2011 was possibly my best day yet. Charles, his lovely wife Estela, David's B and P, Brenna, Dani, Promise, Ken, thank you so much for helping me to gain closure on an life event that feels as though it is really the beginning of a next phase of my life. doing the profiles and getting to shovel all that soil and muck back into the holes, er units and trench was great. even the repatriation part was the best. thanks to everyone so much for helping me to learn some stuff this past ten weeks. i have this strong desire to go back and do more digging at DSCQHR ... who knows what may happen in the future? ...


  1. Mark, I took the liberty of fixing that (sp?) issue :)

  2. Hello Mark - thank you for the fitting and very poetic picture. Seems to sum up the possibilities of the archaeological and the historical. Very Best - David P.


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