Sunday, June 12, 2011

I was glad when we finally began digging excavation units on 5/7/11. I worked on unit 1 with Amanda, Andrew and Hiroto. First we had to measure out a 2x1 meter perimeter. We then put in nails or stakes (I can't remember which) in the corners and strung pink string from each one to outline the unit. The dirt was very dry and compact on the surface which made it difficult to dig out. It was easier to use the pick axe than a shovel. The large clumps of dried dirt were also hard to screen and had to be broken up by hand, which sometimes felt like breaking rocks. We were able to find a few interesting things on the level 0-10 cm below surface. We found a bolt, a few pieces of glass, a few animal bones, and a lot of what looked like pieces of brick but we only bagged a few. We were unable to dig the pit to 10 cm deep the first day but I think we did a good job considering how difficult it was to dig out and screen the dry dirt and considering we didn't actually start digging until after lunch. It was my first real archaeological experiance and I thought that it went really well even if we didn't find much or dig to deep.

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