Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christy, you said you wanted a picture of the unsuccessful augering activity - here it is. We started off near the site datum with a 60cm depth target. We were looking for evidence of a building that had been noted on earlier maps. I took the first shift, and powered down 20 cm. It was very hard work - the dried earth was like concrete. After much sweat (and encouragement from the sidelines) I got down 20 cm. Subsequent attempts to get the auger pit deeper included sitting Christy on the auger handle while Tung and I turned it. When that didn't work we thought it might be because Christy was just too light; so we tried again with Tung sitting on the auger handle while Christy, Vanessa and I tried to turn it. No success. Auger pit abandoned. No artifacts were found in the first 20 cm.

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