Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lab work, and more lab work ...

I have been in the lab three times in the last two weeks and have yet to write about the experience. As I mentioned in a previous post I felt that my organizational and cataloging skills would be well suited for archeology lab work versus my manual labor skills in the field.

First time around Wednesday 5/18, Brenna, Andrew M. and I started washing artifacts and setting them aside to dry for tagging later. Andrew got through a few more trays than myself, over all we got a good amount of washing done in about 2 hours. The following Wednesday 5/25, I got Mark, Sandra, and Kristen started on cleaning artifacts. We began to label the previously cleaned artifacts as well. During this process we got a close look at the work of the whole class I didn't realize how much material some of the units had yielded. I know that Friday Brenna, Elizabeth and Mark showed up cleaned, bagged and tagged more because I had planned on coming through but got busy before work. That being said there were more cleaned and ready artifacts Saturday in our official class lab day.

Saturday we had about half the class come through at one point or another, we got to workn in groups cleaning, tagging and organizing our findings. David got the artifact catalog set up on the Macs in the lab and we began to fully process the artifacts from our site. Some part of the class was here until about 4pm (I left at 3pm) and we got most of the artifacts washed.

As of meeting in the lab today Wednesday afternoon, 6/1 all of our current artifacts have been washed and the catalog is filling up quickly. Sounds like this Friday, 6/3 will be another full day in the lab.

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