Saturday, June 4, 2011

hallucinating ...

so as we head into the final lap of this class my best reporting is that i spent a considerable amount of time alst night looking through pictures of mission san jose on google images to see if i might get a visual clue to just what the heck was going on in the 'eastern forty' 'possible orchard' possible 'back fill' (most likely) of our dig at DSCQHR ... no such luck ...i just keep hallucinating an orchard there ... yep that's it ... see the picture ... our artifacts with very little context are most likely the result of backfill from previous constructive/destructive activity ...


  1. Awwww our poor artifacts are orphans...I wish there was more stratigraphy so we could get a better idea about when and where the artifacts were originally deposited!!!

  2. Interesting strategy! I can see how directed hallucination might be successful in piecing together one's intuitive understanding of a large data set. Perhaps a consultation with Don Juan is in order?

  3. lol Andrew, very funny. Mark don't stress yourself out over finding "the answer" sometimes the answer comes when you least expect it. It seems when we over focus we overlook things that we think as trivial...but they are really the solution to what we are trying to solve. Or maybe your right our site was just some back fill lot..


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