Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ring around the rosey pocket full of artifacts!

I have found myself to be the "floater" of the site which is actually working quite well for me! Taking the tour of the units week by week has been beneficial in the sense that I get to see what is going on in each unit! Working in the trench a few weeks ago let me gain some experience working in a larger unit which was awesome, the mother hen of the trench Amber was great at giving her crew guidance and leadership while we worked at excavating the largest area. During the first 10cm when I was with the crew we uncovered several pieces of glass and chunks of brick. I was only with the crew at T1 for a few hours where I helped screen mostly, the majority of the artifacts showing up were structure pieces and glass. After working with T1, my help was required at CU 3 with Andrew's team. CU 3 may be the most interesting unit I have worked in so far, they seem to have to have the most identifiable features in situ. Around 15cm bd we began to uncover a large cement looking stone/curb looking object. Also there are many pieces of terra-cotta looking pipe and structural pieces showing up. Their soil is extremely bioturbated, which was confirmed by our friend Mr. Gopher that showed up toward the end of the work day by poking his head (and dirt) our of one of the sidewalls. Work was slow the day I was with CU 3 because we had a 1/8th screen and our silty, claylike soil was not cooperating. This last weekend I was placed in CU 1 with Andrew, Hiroto, Ritchie, and Robert. These guys were awesome, I really enjoyed working in this unit, we managed to get to Level 4 by the end of the day, as of right now our Level 4 is waiting for completion underneath the tarp! Close the the west sidewall in Level 3 we uncovered a curved piece of terra-cotta roof tile or pipe that was quite large, also we are uncovering more and more sandstone layers as we progressed to Level 4 and on. We have also found quite a bit of nails in this unit, at the end of the work day last weekend as we were beginning work on Level 4 we began to uncover a LONG! nail in the east sidewall. Hiroto was the king of wet-screening and wants to progress down as far as possible so hopefully his energetic attitude will propel CU 1 past Level 4 on our last day! I'm hoping to visit another unit on our last day, but anywhere I can be of service I will be happy to help!

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