Monday, May 23, 2011

The Raw and The Uncooked

Here are rest of the videos from Saturday. It looks like I will have to upload them one at a time so I will just # the clips rather than give them fancy titles. All the footage is unedited, so watch out because I have been known to curse like a sailor and I'm the narrator. I hope these videos enhance the blog experience for the participants and others who may view this site.

I'm not much of a blogger myself and because I am so new to archeological field work I find that I have less to say than some of the more experienced students and bloggers. I frankly don't know WTF I am doing on the site it is all a learning experience for me. Because of this I don't feel there is that much I can say that hasn't been said more eloquently by a classmate. These videos are one way of adding my observations to the blog. I totally encourage any of you to grab the other camera next time and randomly film what you see.

As some of you know my interest lies in documenting and cataloging materials rather than looking for them, hence my move towards museum studies in my next graduate program. I feel I will make a better lab worker than a field worker in terms of archeology.

That being said I am enjoying the work and being outdoors it beats a lecture hall any day of the week with the kind of weather we have in the Bay Area this time of year. : )

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  1. Indeed I was taking important scientific observations


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