Monday, May 2, 2011

Maker's Mark on China

Hey Fellow Classmates,

   I was hoping to find this flagged artifact this last week again, but I couldn't re-locate it to take a better picture, so this picture is a little (a lot) blurry! In my notes I wrote that this partial maker's mark had the letters "John Mad" showing so I sought out to find china makers that had similar marks via internet research. My research brought me to this site... John Maddock and Sons China, which shows the different maker's mark of the John Maddock and Sons Brand of China over the years. The website states that the earthenware and China company started producing in 1855 in Staffordshire. This site will show the different maker's marks as the years progressed. Based on the sketch I drew, I believe that this mark appears to fit into the 1880-96 mark because of the inner circle that is barely showing. It would also fit in the 1960 category because of the lack of a crown on top of the mark. However, this is a very preliminary guess because of the lack of a clear picture to go along with my sketch. Next week I will continue to search for this piece again as I know that it has been flagged and hopefully provide you guys with a better representation of the mark.

Here is more info on maker's marks from CA State Parks...

Has anyone else seen maker's marks on any of the other artifacts we have flagged? Also, the CA Parks website has a glass bottle collection online that has some common bottles and their maker's marks on them which is really interesting because I know we have found a good amount of glass.

Have a great week!


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  1. Hello Kristen,

    That is really cool on what you found and the research you uncovered. Its amazing how much you can find from the internet these days and by using the makers mark as a fresh start.

    Have you thought about digging more at that one particular spot and maybe putting the pieces back together again if there are more? And was this spot located up toward the hillside? Well I hope there is more pieces to the puzzle for next week! But last Saturday my group found a lot of glass pieces at the site 1A were calling it, but no makers mark of any kind.


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