Friday, May 13, 2011

Description of the Artifacts

Hey guys!

Last week Jamie, Stephen, and I worked together to organize the artifacts we had collected so far, we cataloged them in a list by test pit/auger so here it is!

Description of artifacts:

Test pit # 1 4/23/11

0-30cm bs:
Ceramic, red brick material, burnt bone

Test pit # 1 4/30/11

0-20 cm bs:
Brick, cement, bone
20-30 cm bs: glass bead, charcoal, nails, screw, ceramic-ware

Test pit #2A

0-20cm bs: bone, brick, tile

Test pit #2B

0-10cm bs: rodent dentary, bone fragments, diagnostic bone, glass, historical nail, brick

Test pit #3A

0-20cm bs: tile, red brick, possible bone, wood

20-30cm bs: bone, brick, glass

Test pit #3B

0-10cm bs: glass (amber and clear colored), greenish glass shards, red brick, white material

10-22 cm bs: glass shards, bone bits, cement, burned ceramic, wood, seeds, tile, possible mortar, tile with dark band in the middle, burned bone

22-30cm bs: small metal binding or clamp

27 cm bs: large brick piece

Test pit #4

0-10cm bs: earthenware, ceramics, seeds, tile, cement, igneous rock, historical nail

10-20cm bs- bone, seed, brick, ceramic

20-30cm bs: nails, ceramic/earthenware, glass, brick, tile, metallic corroded material

Test pit #5

0-10cm bs: nail, cement, brick, bone shard (non-diagnostic)

10-20cm bs: bone frags, rock with scratch in it, burnt rock, tile, glass, brick, nails

20-30 cm bs: tile fragments, brick, glass, charcoal, bone

Test pit #6

0-10cm bs: brick, possible mortar, wood shards

10-20cm bs: mortar, tile, wood

Test pit #7

0-30cm bs: brick, ceramic, tile shard

Test pit #8

0-15 cm bs: 2 white outside rim ceramic sherds with blue center, possible porcelain brick, tile, processed metal, imprinted?

15-30 cm bs: brick, mortar

Test pit # 9

0-10cm bs: brick, mortar, blue glass bead, non-human rib, 2 pottery sherds, tile shard, glass

10-20 cm bs: possible obsidian flake, brick, tile, glass (milky pearlish color), bone

Test pit #10

20-30 cm bs: 2 clumps of possible mortar

Test pit #11

0-10 cm bs: mortar, brick, frags, wire hook

10-20cm bs: charcoal, tile

20-30 cm bs: pos. mortar, charcoal, brick, tile

AC #1

Surface- earthenware with floral pattern

AC #2

0-25cm bs: seeds

Auger #3

Possible coal, brick with dark band in cross section

Auger #5 0-80 cm bs
Bag 1 0-20cm: brick, pottery
20-40cm: black material, charcoal, nail, wood
40-60cm: light colored stone, metal, brick, wood
60-80cm: nail, black rock

Auger #6

0-25cm: brick, cement
25-50cm: seeds
50-75cm: seeds

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  1. Hello Kristen: this is a very helpful collation of data. I would greatly welcome any insights with respect to the assemblages above and below the asphalt layer.

    I am wondering where the largest percentage of artifacts subjected to possible burning has been collected: above or below the asphalt layer?


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