Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photos from our First Two Classes

Some photos from Day One

Charles expounding upon the exquisite calibration of our 32-year-old Transit.

Our First Day at DSQHR

Sister Karen!

I'm looking forward to working with you all again next week! :)


  1. These are good photos for our first day learning the Transit and out actually using it. We definitely got a good start with pleasant weather for setting our horizontal lines.

  2. Using the Transit in the field really helped me figure out how to use it better, I also enjoyed using the one that David brought! It was valuable to see the traditional way of using the transit in comparison to the more modern way, I think it helped me get a better grasp on how we set up things and I am looking forward to getting more practice!

  3. No one took any pictures of the turkeys? Totally going to have to rectify that this week.

  4. Learning to set and use the transit was very interesting, although it felt a little frustrating to deal with the balancing everytime the top scope spins. Now I know how to use the transit! Yay!

    The GPS is a lot faster, but it felt less simple to use than the transit. Then again, I'm not too good with most electronic equipments. I am familiar in using the GPS, but I only used it about 9 years ago.

  5. All I can say with a transit that's not calibrated give me the evils of technology any day, especially if it gives you accurate points.

    Though the lessons taught for the transit are pretty valuable since most of us have never experienced this instrument before and those of us continuing in the field of archaeology can add this to the list of skills :), since technology is not always reliable.


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